Metal Organic/Energetic Fire Code Updates 2022

Matt Wyman

Over the past 5+ years KFPI has been involved in many R&D projects testing fire and gas safety systems for effectiveness within semiconductor and hi-tech applications. Projects have included fire detection and fire suppression systems testing effectiveness of energetic chemical fires such as pyrophoric liquid metal organics like TMA (trimethyl aluminum). Projects also included fire and gas detection testing effectiveness of silane leaks within gas cabinets/VMB enclosures. The results of these projects have identified many challenges and limitations in the effective of traditional protection schemes using previous fire codes and standards. As a result of this test data and new technology developments, many of the associated fire safety codes and standards have now been changed. This presentation will highlight the findings of the past pyrophoric testing projects, new pyrophoric fire safety technology advancements (such as LCAS), and various changes to fire safety codes and standards in 2022.

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