NanoStreeM: Nanomaterials and Strategies for Safety Assessment in Advanced Integrated Circuits Manufacturing

Pardon, Alain; Prodanov, Dimiter
(EHS, Imec, Leuven, Belgium)

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Understanding properties of nano-functionalized materials and how they interact with living systems is a relatively new area of scientific study. The scientific community has not yet been able to derive harmful properties of nanomaterials from the properties of the bulk material. Therefore, a precautionary approach is applicable when handling and using these materials in circumstances where exposure to nanomaterials cannot be excluded. The project NanoStreeM, involving 14 partners from 6 European countries, covers all key elements of the semiconductor R&D value chain. The NanoStreeM consortium, recently funded by the European Commission, will focus on several use cases, such as chemical mechanical planarization, maintenance and water treatment. The purpose of NanoStreeM is to promote good practices, identify gaps in methodologies and direction for further investigations in order to support nanosafety risk assessment and occupational hazard monitoring. The project also aims to initiate communication with stakeholders to support informed decision making and governance of risks related to handling of nanomaterials and medical surveillance of the workforce in the semiconductor fabrication process.

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