NFPA 70E: Understanding the Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Widup, Ron
(Shermco Industries, Dallas Texas)

Do you know what NFPA 70E is? Do you understand the requirements of NFPA 70E? Do you know the difference between shock protection boundaries and flash protection boundaries? Do you know how to properly protect your workers from electrical hazards? OSHA does. Employers are required to develop and implement electrical safety programs that address electrical hazards that all workers are exposed to in the workplace. OSHA 1910.333(a) requires that safety-related work practices be used, and understanding and implementing the safe work practices outlined in NFPA 70E will assist the employer with compliance to OSHA requirements. This presentation will provide an overview of NFPA 70E, what it means to the employer, and how to deal with requirements of this very important electrical safety standard.

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