On-Site Healthcare Benefits are Critical to Acquiring and Retaining Today’s Talent

Jeff Paddock

Employees today put a high value on both wellness and on-site benefits in their employment decisions. To attract talent, organizations have been offering on-site healthy food options, fitness classes, and health screenings. A complement to these plans is an on-site physical therapy program that engages employees in movement to prevent and treat injuries. The best solutions utilize highly trained physical therapists that generate tangible results that improve employees’ lives. Workplace embedded physical and occupational therapists create an incredibly convenient approach for treatment and preventive care. Being on-site allows PTs to engage with workers, supervisors, and safety professionals during ergonomics or rounding activities to promote injury prevention through collaborative problem-solving. On-site clinics help contribute to a culture of wellness and validate an employer’s commitment to its employees’ health. It also demonstrates to both prospective and current employees an organization’s values. This session will discuss how embedded physical and occupational therapists can help you attract and retain the best and brightest.

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