One-on-One to High Fives: Five Easy Steps to Creating a Safety Culture

Grieve, Rodney
(BRANTA Consulting, Sacramento, CA)

Your lawyers are correct, you must be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, but quoting OSHA regulations chapter and verse will not protect your employees. Nor will “Safety First” slogans plastered about the walls. Only a culture that promotes leadership from front-line managers will succeed in reducing occupational injuries and illnesses. A solid safety culture recognizes that safety is a management issue, not a compliance issue. The process starts with compliance, but can only succeed with management and employee commitments to continuous improvement and balance. This presentation will provide you with practical tools that will move your organization toward a safety culture. This culture will not only produce a safer work place, but also increase productivity and quality by helping organizations identify goals and develop roadmaps to the successful achievement of those goals.

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