Panel Discussion – Challenges of the New SEMI S30 Implementation for Energetic Materials

Tara Collins, Rene’ Graves, Eugene Ngai Michael Gordon, John Visty

Using a single presentation format, we will go through the various requirements and challenges of implementation of the newly approved SEMI S30 Safety Guidelines on Energetic Materials. Because of the complex hazards associated with energetic materials, SEMI S30 was written as new type of SEMI Standard requiring alignment and joint collaboration of various different equipment and suppliers from chemical delivery through the tool process to exhaust/abatement to ensure a complete “soup to nuts” solution at the end user. In this panel discussion we will step through many of the primary sections and new requirements of this standard and give each the panelists time to comment on the how the implementation affects them. The panel consists of leading edge companies from each step along the manufacturing process who were also actively involved in the creation of this new standard.

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