PDC 3 – Managing Safety in Additive Manufacturing


Paul Bates

The introduction of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies, also known as 3D printing, has the potential to transform modern industrial production, but it also brings new considerations for manufacturers and their employees. These considerations include potential safety risks and various hazards associated with the Material, Equipment and Facility where parts are manufactured. Further, AM capabilities can be particularly complex when introduced in existing production facilities with established safety management practices. This interactive, discussion-oriented Professional Development Course will provide baseline introductory knowledge of AM through a review of the current industry trends, seven distinct technologies, and common materials and applications. The course will take a deep dive into identification and mitigation of risks including those specific to AM materials, equipment, and the overall facility operation. Common mistakes in AM facilities, safety best practices, and steps for setting up a safe and compliant AM operation will also be covered. AM samples and classroom activities will be used to facilitate the learning environment and group discussions.

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