PFAS Roundtable II – Semiconductor Industry and Supply Chain Perspective

Laurie Beu,Moderator Robert Bonderer; Bob Leet, Lauren Crane
(Laurie S. Beu Consulting, JSR, Intel, SEMI PFOA WG)

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Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are critical components of semiconductor process chemistries and may also be found in advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment, parts, and related fab infrastructure. PFAS are facing increasing regulatory restrictions. Roundtable participants will discuss why PFAS are used, the challenges to replacement, and the need for increased communication and cooperation among semiconductor supply chain members. Robert will discuss why PFAS are necessary in semiconductor lithography formulations… Bob will discuss: 1) the technology needs and difficulty in implementing alternative chemistries, 2) the difficulties of detecting and treating extremely low concentration chemistries in large volume wastewater, 3) the uncertainty in identifying PFAS of concern, and 4) the difficulties of dealing with confidentiality issues around proprietary chemical formulations. Lauren. chair of the SEMI PFOA WG, will provide a high level view of PFOA in fluoropolymers, where they may be found in equipment, complexity of the supply chain, and the challenges posed by restriction in article regulations.

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