PPE for Semiconductor Operations

Dojahn, Roy
(Enviro Safetech, Inc.)

Semiconductor facilities contain many hazards that require the implementation of protective measures to safeguard workers from potential exposures. Although engineering and administrative controls are the preferred approaches to providing this protection, these may not always be adequate or feasible, may require additional measures to provide more complete protection, or may not be available during emergency events. Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provides a a last line of defense by acting as a barrier to workplace hazards for these conditions. The EHS practitioner at a semiconductor facility must identify the appropriate apparel and materials of construction in order to provide adequate protection against a diverse range of physical and health hazards. Employees must then be trained in the proper use of designated PPE to ensure adequate protection. This presentation will provide an overview of regulatory requirements relating to PPE, a basic review of PPE equipment currently available, an introduction to methods and resources for assessing and designating PPE for workplace hazards, and basic storage requirements and inspection procedures.

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