Pyrophoric Chemical Safety – Changes in 2020 Fire Codes and Standards as Result of Recent Research, Testing, and Technology Developments

Matt Wyman

Over the past 4+ years KFPI has been involved in the research, testing, and development of fire safety solutions regarding pyrophoric chemicals hazards. This included many projects regarding the fire detection and fire suppression/protection of energetic materials such as pyrophoric liquid metal organics like TMA (trimethyl aluminum). This also included many projects with ASM regarding the fire and gas detection of various leak scenarios of pyrophoric gases such as silane. The results of projects have identified and confirmed numerous limitations & challenges within the current/previous fire safety codes and standards which have resulted in many unsafe conditions at fabs around the world. As a result of new data and technology developments that have occurred in the past few years, the associated fire safety codes and standards have also began to be updated accordingly in 2020. This presentation will highlight the findings of the past pyrophoric testing projects, new pyrophoric fire safety technology advancements (such as LCAS), and various changes to fire safety codes and standards in 2020.

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