Recycling of Compound Semiconductor Materials – Past, Present and Future

Rathie, Norm
(Met Tech Inc.)

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The primary objective of this paper is to profile the strengths and weaknesses of the different technologies used for the recovery and purification of gallium from different gallium arsenide and gallium phosphide scrap materials generated within the microwave communications and optical electronics industries. The technologies will be rated with respect to their ability to deal with the different types of scrap materials, recovery yields, cycle times and environmental impacts. The paper will also discuss the different technology options with respect to the treatment of arsenic waste streams, the potential for arsenic containing bi-products and the potential for recovery of high purity arsenic from direct waste streams.

A secondary objective of the paper is to outline the synergistic benefits of Met-Tech’s proprietary solvent extraction and electro purification technologies for the recovery of gallium and other Compound Semiconductor Materials.

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