Reliability and innovations of SAGS packages and their benefit over high pressure alternatives

Edward* Jones; Joseph Despres
(Entegris, Danbury, CT)

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The use of hazardous materials is necessary in the production of electronic devices. Selection of the packaging and dispensing technology can drastically reduce the potential risk to the operators, environment, and processing equipment. Current technologies in the form of Type 1 and Type 2 SAGS (Subatmospheric Gas Delivery Source) have demonstrated this improvement over high pressure alternatives. However, further improvements are possible and necessary in order to continue to meet new requirements. With a proven track record of high reliability, operators may become desensitized to the potential risk of the materials they are handling. With time, the discipline of performing the fundamental steps necessary to safely install and remove these cylinder packages may erode, thereby increasing the risk to users. With the current technology of these packages and systems that they are used with, procedures and proper training are still an essential part of insuring safety. This presentation will highlight the reliability of our packaging technologies including VAC® and SDS® specialty gas cylinders and show how they can drastically reduce the risk over high pressure alternatives. It will cover proper installation and removal procedures and the tools necessary to do so safely and reliably. In addition, it will highlight recent improvements to our packages and provide a direction for future enhancements that could be enabled with a collaboration between tool OEM’s, customers, and suppliers of filled gas cylinders.

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