Retooling Yourself for the Next EH&S Wave

Tighe, David
(Bovo-Tighe, Bellevue, WA)

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EH&S professionals today are faced with a career “perfect storm.” Expectations are increasing that their projects show ROI and business contribution beyond regulatory compliance. Shrinking infrastructure and limited hiring have left EH&S professionals with little growth opportunity yet greater responsibility. These factors have created high stress and burnout rates. Many are leaving the industry. Now is the time to retool yourself and your team to not only weather the storm, but thrive in the new environment. In this session you will be offered a proven, systematic approach to set yourself and your team up for greater success. This approach is a fresh way, proven with numerous organizations, to get results beyond what anyone believed possible. You will discover 1) new ways to truly understand your talents and skill gaps (they are different than you think), 2) better ways to discern your future opportunities (you can do better, even in your current job), and 3) how to prepare yourself for any eventuality (yes, any eventuality!). You owe it to yourself and your team to check out this new technology. It might be the best thing you can do this year to create gains in productivity, personal growth, and enthusiasm.

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