S2 Breakdown!! – How to critically review the key sections of an S2 Report

Chris Evanston & John Visty

An S2 Report can be of great assistance in identifying and assessing various equipment hazards before and after the equipment is installed. Reading the entire report to gather as much information as possible can be very useful, however, initially focusing on key areas will provide an initial efficient assessment.

This course is designed to identify the primary S2 sections (paragraphs) and supporting documentation from a SEMI S2 report that should be accessed by a reader in order to efficiently breakdown the most critical information. Breakdown of an S2 report will highlight information on electrical power, interlocks, chemical exposure, LOTO, exhaust, etc. Focusing on the critical information sections will allow the reader to initially assess and qualify the equipment hazards for their installation and specific company use.

The information extracted from the key sections will also provide the reader an opportunity to develop an impression as to the quality of information in the report and what additional information should be provided from the supplier.

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