Safety Interlock Design Challenges

Mark Fessler
(ASM International, Almere, Netherlands)

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ASM International has recently developed new design engineering training material to help our many new, young design engineers understand product safety compliance requirements, with a focused attention to proper safety interlock design. Incorporation of proper safety interlock circuits is one of the most important engineering controls to help prevent harm from various hazard scenarios. To properly design these circuits requires a fundamental understanding of the written requirements within SEMI S2 Section 11 and the Machinery Directive Section 1.2.1, as well as the other standards which these 2 umbrella documents reference to. This presentation will review some of the important design decisions that must be made when creating a new safety interlock, and also address alternative paths to compliance when the primary, most straight forward path is not possible due to other existing design constraints. The presentation will introduce ASM’s approach to help “fill in the gaps” for design engineers on how to make safety interlock component selections, and protective enclosure designs, when alternate design paths exist.

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