Safety Interlock Selection 2.0

Alessandro Petracca

During SESHA 2019, ASM presented safety interlock design challenges due to increasing regulatory requirements, and introduced a custom flowchart that shows the multiple paths of validation for interlock component selection. Recall the ISO 13849 well-tried component path (ASM “Plan A”) is not always possible to follow due to unavailability of components. This presentation “Safety Interlock Selection 2.0” expands and describes more design and analyses details required to accept components certified to other standards than those listed in ISO 13849-2 (ASM “Plan B”). ISO 13849-2 Section 9.2.2 b) allows for components proven in use – but ASM wants to apply a more systematic approach than this. ASM designers now have “an alternate path” to component selection that is based on easily defendable engineering principles.

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