Short Attention Span EHS Training Works for All Age Groups!

Michael Zimmerman; Michael Zimmerman
(BSI EHS Services and Solutions)

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Traditional environmental health and safety training can be boring and does not always provide enough motivation for employees to do the right thing. Starting a PowerPoint presentation for new employees with the history of the Clean Water Act, does not prompt a stronger compliance culture nor does it get to the meat of the issue: “What do I have to do?” I’m going to provide a summary of new training programs that we are implementing for various clients in various industries that are getting very positive feedback. This innovative short-attention span EHS training meets the needs of employers and employees listed below. What do today’s employers need? • Cost effective training that promote employee retention • Training that is user friendly to be easily accessible when needed. • Training modules that can be easily modified as regulations change or as new issues arise at the facility. • Analytics that can be tracked to perform leading and lagging indicator analyses. Being able to track the number of times employees access specific training modules and comparing to issues with specific job functions. What do today’s employees need? • Short, focused training video modules that can be uploaded on tablets for employees to watch almost anywhere, anytime. • Easy access so that employees can view specific modules on a regular basis, if needed, or just prior to performing a non-routine task. • Training that addresses boots on the ground EHS compliance activities. Examples include properly donning personal protective equipment, filling out a hazardous waste manifest, filling out the hazardous waste label, doing a storm water inspection and visually evaluating a storm water sample, physically collecting a storm water sample with different tools, filling out a chain of custody form, packing an ice chest with samples to be overnighted to a laboratory.

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