Silane Safety

Ngai, Eugene
(Air Products and Chemcials, Allentown, PA)

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Silane is an electronic specialty gas that has widespread use in the semiconductor fabrication industry. It has been used in commercial quantities since the mid 1960’s, when the first Integrated Circuit (IC) manufacturers began operations. Within the last 10 years, LCD and PV manufacturing has expanded significantly. In 2008, these manufacturers will use more silane than the IC companies. Recently, significant incidents occurred with the use of silane, highlighting the need to reinforce safe handling procedures. This course will review all aspects of silane handling, bringing together many acknowledged experts to reinforce silane standards and regulations. Topics covered will include: 1. Incidents and Learnings 2. Regulations 3. Safety Standards 4. Bulk Packages 5. Release Testing 6. Risk Assessments 7. Emergency Response 8. System Design. This PDC is sponsored by Air Products.

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