Initial Process Hazard Analysis Screening Checklist for New or Changed Equipment or Processes

Aaron Zude

(Facilities & Safety Solutions)


This session will describe the Initial Process Hazard Analysis (iPHA) screening checklist and procedure developed for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer.


The iPHA checklist was used by EHS staff in conjunction with the equipment or process owner to assess new or proposed changes to equipment or processes for potential EHS impact from unexpected negative outcomes. It utilizes a high level “What If” questioning analysis technique to determine whether a full process hazard analysis (PHA) is warranted. The iPHA Screening Checklist generates a Risk Priority Score for each What-If question. The Risk Priority Score is based on the Likelihood and mitigated Consequence (considering controls and safeguards that are in place) of negative outcomes. A full PHA is conducted if any What-If question results in a Risk Priority Score of “A” or “B”.

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