Streamlining Risk Assessments Using Ranked Hazards and Data Analysis

Christoper Williams
(Axcelis Technologies Inc)

Assessing risk is one of the pillars of any successful safety programs. That being said formal risk assessments are often carried out then not utilized by front line personnel. In order for these documents to be useful to both the EHS department and front line users they need to be user friendly and rooted in easy to understand real world risks. A variety of methods need to be utilized to gather the appropriate information to form an accurate assessment. The most valuable information is collected through real world observation and review of historical data. Once collected, this information must be reviewed and presented to affected parties in an upfront and easy to understand way. Axcelis Technologies is currently undergo a complete risk assessment review and update using a system that incorporates risk level matrices based on SEMI S10 into an easy to understand and utilize risk assessment program.

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