Student Papers

Impact Evaluation of Upcoming Regulations on Semiconductor Waste Water Discharge?
Baure, Aubrey A. – Cal Poly SLO

Perfluorocompound Emission Reduction in the Semiconductor Industry
Bradley, Scott C. – Cal Poly SLO

Removal Methods for Copper from Semiconductor Wastewater
Hoffman, Kenneth M. – Cal Poly SLO

Ergonomics in the Semiconductor Industry: Molding the Job to Your Body
Madali, Kristina A. – Cal Poly SLO

Analysis of Preparedness for Unauthorized Toxic Gas Release
Fang, Miriam M. – Univ Cal Berkeley

Analysis of Nonstandard Scheduling Effects on Semiconductor Industry Workers
Gan, Quan – Univ Cal Berkeley

Is Someone Watching? A Study on the Public Availability of Chemical Storage Data
Gunderson, Karen J. – Univ Cal Berkeley

Toxicology of Gallium and Indium Arsenide
Page, James B. – Univ Cal Berkeley

Process Gas Monitoring
Toor, Herb S. – Univ Cal Berkeley

Comparison of Biological Monitoring and the Currently Used Air Sampling Methods
Wang, Yunxia – Univ Cal Berkeley

Risk Assessment: Semiconductor Industry and the Use of DMSO as a Photoresist?
Fleming, Joy E. – Univ of Arizona

The Arsine TLV: Changing Exposure Levels in a Changing Legal Environment
Koehler, Kathy A. – Univ of Arizona

Information Management-Associated Risk
Selde, Rhandi N. – Univ of TX-Houston

A Comparison of Calcium Gluconate and Zephiran for the Treatment of Dermal?
Alters, Joshua G. – Univ of WI-Stout

Metall:X in the Treatment of Arsenic in Hazardous Wastewater from the Production?
Bostwick, Stephanie L. – Univ of WI-Stout

Adverse Physiological Effects of Ethylene Glycol Ethers on Workers?
Flugaur, Nicholas J. – Univ of WI-Stout

The Use of Carbon Dioxide-Based Supercritical Fluids as a Cost Effective
Knutson, Brian D. – Univ of WI-Stout

The Vulnerability of Transporting Hazardous Chemicals Specific to the Semiconductor
LaForte, Josette M. – Univ of WI-Stout

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