Technical, Chemistry and Alternate Recovery Methods to Minimize Environmental Risk and Maximize Revenue Return

Briehl, Bob; Parker, Reg

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For complex semiconductor IC devices, the integrated smelter is the preferred, best available technology to manage the environmental issues, minimize risks, maximize material recovery, and maximize financial returns. Smelter methods and benefits will be addressed in detail. Certain types of materials for reclaim are not conducive to smelter operations because preservation of fixtures and tooling must be maintained. These recovery methods require specialized chemistry or mechanical / physical treatment depending on the objective. The quantitative analytical techniques to measure the content of recoverable materials will also be discussed. This discussion will juxtapose the various available technologies as applied to their targeted materials, but will also address the relative efficiencies of these processes when applied to different types of materials, or when used in countries where an integrated smelter does not exist and export of materials to same is restricted.

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