The Changing World of Foam Water Sprinkler Protection

Gary Ryman
(FM Global)

Foam water sprinkler protection is utilized at many semiconductor plants for various ignitable liquids hazards. Most of the existing foam concentrates in legacy systems, known as C8 or C6, utilize various fluorinated surfactants as part of their make-up. A wide range of new environmental regulations are targeting these concentrates due to these constituent PFAS family chemicals. Foam system manufacturers are working on new synthetic fluorine free foams (SF3) to address this increasing regulatory issue and some have already reached the marketplace. In this presentation, we will discuss:

  • The current state of the industry with C8, C6, and SF3 concentrates.
  • Inspection testing, and maintenance on existing C8 and C6 systems including FM Global assessed alternative test methods which can be utilized in lieu of discharging foam.
  • Progress being made in developing SF3 concentrates which can provide adequate protection via sprinklers for both hydrocarbons and polar solvents.
  • Items to consider before replacing your existing foam system.

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