The Role of Trade Associations in Addressing Global Chemical Management Issues

Fraust, Charles
Semiconductor Industry Association

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Chemical management has become the linchpin of all environmental programs. While
initially put in place to deal with onsite control and use of the many chemicals that a
company such as a semiconductor manufacturer must utilize in its manufacture, chemical
management programs quickly found broad application in addressing widespread
promulgation of regulations to control the release of chemicals into commerce and the
environment. Initially, the focus was on domestic issues such as air pollution, water
pollution and drinking water contamination. However, in current times, the issues and the
concerns raised about chemical usage have become global in nature. Furthermore,
nowadays, to address issues of global chemical management one has to consider not only
the control of chemical usage but also the geo-political and socio-economic implications of
proposed regulations. This presentation will try to demonstrate the role that trade
associations such as SIA can play in representing the global semiconductor industry in
addressing global chemical management issues.

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