The Secret to a Successful JHA Program, Employee Involvement

Ian Bertmaring

Job hazard analysis can be a pivotal program that anchors the safety culture and safety activities for an organization. A fully supported JHA program enables those doing the work to be owners in the process and implementation of improvements. Who better to lead and find risks than the people doing the hands-on work? Supporting the area based JHA teams are a JHA program group and EHS. Like with many safety programs, the effort needed to get things going can be high at the start. However, as it matures so does the culture, and the resources needed to sustain it decrease and adjust to a support model. The return on investment is not only seen in safety aspects, but also in other areas of business that are not typically captured. In this presentation, I will discuss the structure, implantation, and learnings that will help improve or set a framework for your JHA process.

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