The Semiconductor Industry Association Worker Health Project: An Update

Fischman, MD, MPH, Michael ; Fraust, PhD, PE, CIH, Chuck
(Intel Corporation;Director of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Programs,
Semiconductor Industry Association)

Over the past year, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has made considerable progress on its Worker Health initiatives. We will share some key results from the completed initiatives, the Retrospective Cohort Scoping (Feasibility) Study, the Primary Prevention Initiative, and the Health Surveillance Initiative. However, the focus of the presentation will be on the progress toward initiation of the large retrospective cohort epidemiology study involving multiple SIA member companies. The emphasis of the study is on cancer risk, with planned evaluation of the cancer mortality and, if feasible, the cancer incidence of semiconductor fab workers. We will also discuss the critical role of various components of the study effort, including the Scientific Advisory Board and independent academic investigators, in fostering a credible, scientifically defensible and ultimately successful study.

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