Tool Fire Protection Program

Szmyd, Steve; Bogner, Mark; Evanston, Chris
(Seagate Technology, Longmont, CO SeagateTechnology, Fremont, CA Earthtech, San Jose, CA)

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A robust fire prevention strategy can be the best first line defense in reducing fire risk and ensuring business continuity for high tech process equipment. This presentation will explore one company’s success at proactively reducing fire risk to combat an increasing trend in fire incidents. The concepts of thermal imaging will be discussed regarding the discovery of “hot spots” that if left unchecked, could have resulted in disastrous effects. Legacy tools that had not gone through a SEMI S2 type review or similar form of product safety due diligence will also be explored. In addition, modifications may have occurred over the years increasing risk of a fire event creating essentially “ticking time bomb” situations that fall below a company’s traditional means of detection. A targeted strategy that focuses on thermal imaging and limited design review due diligence will create a highly “value add” program that identifies real time degrading electrical conditions and significant gaps in design.

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