When you absolutely positively have to evaluate products under the European Machinery Directive

McBain, John
(Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA)

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The European Machinery Directive (MD) has been in force for many years, and even the latest version (2006/42/EC) has been effective since December 2009. Unfortunately, the revision that was supposed to clarify the applicability of the MD to equipment previously evaluated under the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) still has some surprises for engineers trying to use it. Basic questions such as “Does the Machinery Directive apply to my product?” and “Is my company a Manufacturer?” are not always easy to answer. The MD requires documentation (risk assessments, Declarations of Incorporation, system evaluations) and processes (equipment marking, Declaration handling) that the LVD so far has not. This presentation describes initial steps for evaluating products under the MD and mentions some of the possible pitfalls to avoid.

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