Why World Class EH&S Compliance Does not Need to Cost a Fortune

Beckel, Michael
(3E Company, Carlsbad, CA)

Most organizations do not have a comprehensive EH&S compliance plan in place, leaving them exposed to fines, or worse, not being prepared in the event of a spill or an emergency. Managing the information around their EH&S hazmat information is a critical aspect of any safety department. Companies need to be able to diagnose their Hazmat compliance information and requirements, to determine any shortcomings, and then determine how they will address them. Having the foundation of a good inventory of hazmat information will also ensure the safety and well-being of employees. This talk proposes to address – how to conduct an on-site assessment of hazmat compliance information; – the direct and indirect (often hidden) costs associated with compliance related tasks and omissions; and – the marshalling of resources to meet these challenges. The talk will present a series of analyses and tasks that need to be performed in order to face the challenges of hazmat compliance in a systematic manner. The talk will then discuss the many options organizations have in order to successfully manage hazmat data in the most cost-effective manner.

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