Working Session: Arc Flash Hazards – Applying NFPA 70E In Semiconductor Cleanrooms

Aaron Zude
(Facilities & Safety Solutions)

Applying NFPA 70E-2018: “Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace” in a semiconductor cleanroom environment presents unique challenges when developing protective measures for arc flash hazards. This session will be a facilitated open-forum working session for participants to ask questions and raise concerns related to work tasks such as verifying deenergized condition as part of LOTO and the use of test instruments for testing, troubleshooting and voltage measurements in a cleanroom environment. More importantly however, the session will illicit an exchange of safety-related work practices that have been developed within the industry for such tasks. A brief overview presentation on NFPA 70E-2018 will be provided, followed by the open-forum working session. The intended outcomes of the session are an open exchange of protective measures that have been developed for arc flash hazards, collection of issues and concerns requiring further attention, and if warranted, the establishment of an informal industry working group.

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