Craig Freeman

Loss Control Manager, Department of Homeland Security, Compliance Division, Washington, DC

Inspector Freeman began his Homeland Security career in 1989 with his enlistment in the United States Coast Guard. In 2002, Chief Gunner\’s Mate Freeman left active duty to accept a position with the Federal Protective Service (FPS) as a uniformed law enforcement officer. In addition to the myriad of law enforcement duties associated with FPS, Inspector Freeman performed the physical security mission of conducting vulnerability assessments and developing risk-mitigating strategies for Federal facilities. In 2003 FPS, along with 22 other federal agencies, joined to create the Department of Homeland Security. Anticipating the release of the new Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards, the Chemical Security Compliance Division was formed as part of the DHS, Office of Infrastructure Protection. In the Federal Protective Service, DHS found a cadre of Inspectors who were Federal law enforcement officers, trained as physical security specialists and hazardous materials technicians. This unique skill set was the perfect fit for the mission of the Chemical Security Compliance Division in implementing the new Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards. Inspector Freeman and this cadre of inspectors detailed from FPS to CSCD became plank owners in the new Inspections and Enforcement Branch of the Chemical Security Compliance Division.

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