Dan Maxwell

Dan Maxwell, Sr. Project Manager, Hallam-ICS

Dan Maxwell is a Sr. Project Manager with Hallam-ICS. Hallam-ICS is an Engineering, Controls System Integration and Commissioning firm with offices in Burlington, VT; Mansfield, MA; Middletown, CT, Malta, NY; and Raleigh, NC. Dan started with Hallam-ICS in 1999 by leading Advanced Technology projects focused on design packages for the installation of microelectronic fabrication tools. Dan has spent the past 15 years with Hallam-ICS’s Toxic Gas Monitoring group. Hallam-ICS has completed the design, integration and start-up of thousands of gas detection points. Hallam’s TGMS clients include Universities, Research Facilities, and Semiconductor/Nanotechnology Industries. Dan has lead TGMS projects from the concept stage, through design, fabrication, integration, start-up, and commissioning.

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