Deborah Ottinger

Deborah Ottinger is the US Environmental Protection Agency’s lead analyst for fluorinated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from industrial sources. She has worked for the last three decades on US and international programs to understand and reduce emissions of fluorinated GHGs and ozone-depleting compounds, developing and improving emissions inventories, analyzing costs for reducing emissions, and helping to set and measure progress toward emission reduction goals for voluntary programs. As Coordinating Lead Author for the Industrial Processes and Product Use Volume of the 2019 IPCC Refinement, she led efforts by an international team of experts to improve the methods used around the world to estimate GHG emissions from six industries, including electronics manufacturing, and to develop new methods for three additional industries, including circuit-board waterproofing.

Since 2008, she has played a key role in the development and implementation of the US Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program, particularly as it applies to emissions and supplies of fluorinated GHGs. Before focusing on fluorinated GHGs, she launched and managed EPA’s program for recycling ozone-depleting refrigerants from a broad array of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, and worked on programs to manage risks from biotechnology, lead, and asbestos.

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