Wayne E. Bates, PhD, PE

Manager, Engineering Group, Analog Devices, Cambridge, MA

Wayne manages the firm’s engineering group and is responsible for industrial and commercial treatment design, permitting, operation and maintenance, and operator training, as well as, the preparation of engineering design reports, specifications and plans. Over his fifteen years of environmental engineering experience, he has assisted clients in managing production assets while minimizing the risks associated with industrial activities through pollution prevention, waste minimization, and design. His doctoral dissertation involved the development of a life cycle assessment screening model for manufactured products, which focused on the cradle-to-grave impacts products have on the environment and socio-economic issues. Wayne is a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) and holds engineering degrees from the UMass-Dartmouth (BS), Northeastern University (MS), and WPI (PhD). He also holds several licenses in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts including a Grade 4-I and 2-M Wastewater Treatment Operator License and a Grade 2-D Water Distribution System license.

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