Benefits Gained by Company Through Participation in SESHA

As an SESHA chapter president/region director, you will learn new skills and perfect existing talents in a “low risk” environment. Furthermore, the skills you acquire as a volunteer leader will benefit your company. Possible benefits gained by the company through your participation in SESHA are listed below.


  • Basic accounting practices and principles
  • Setting priorities
  • Reading financial statements
  • Balancing mission versus budget

Legal and Tax Issues

  • Liability and compliance with laws

Setting Goals and Objectives

  • Organization and execution
  • Strategic planning

How to Influence

  • Public image
  • Peer organizations
  • Government entities

Leadership Skills

  • Leading volunteers to achieve goals


  • Interpersonal
  • Group

Management Skills

  • Manage committee chairs, officers, etc.
  • Delegation

Network with others in similar positions

  • Teamwork skills
  • Learning from others



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