Arizona Chapter Mini-Conference 2002

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Thursday, September 19

Welcome & Introductions
Chris Scully; President, AZ Chapter, SESHA

Impact of ITRS Technology Node Changes to Environmental, Safety, and Health
Todd C. Bird; CREATE

Significant Benefits of Motorola s Revolutionary Gallium-Arsenide (GaAs) on Silicon Technology
Anthony Jones and Joel Peterson; Motorola

Construction for Safety
Gerald Kepler; Performance Contracting Group

A Robust Approach for Conducting Industrial Hygiene Risk Assessments at a Large Semiconductor Manufacturing Site
Luna Chandna; Motorola

Ensuring the Safe Movement of Used Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Gary Alexander; SEC/N

International Transportation Issues for Used Semiconductor Equipment
Mitch Fonda; EORM

Recycling and Emerging RCRA Regulatory Issues: Design for the Environment and RCRA Regulations Re: Recycling of Printed Circuit Boards, Cathode Ray Tubes, F006 Wastes, Solvent-Contaminated Wipes
Rolf R. von Oppenfeld; TESTLaw Practice Group

Friday, September 20

Environmental, Health and Safety Assessment of Emerging Photolithography Technology
Jeff Heaps; International SEMATECH

EPI Hydride Abatement Via Process Diluents Valve
Joel Rouillard; Fairchild Semiconductor

An Integrated Approach to Screen Chemicals for Potential Environmental, Health and Safety Hazards
Cory Berg; Motorola

Ozone Abatement for SACVD Processes
Jack Fox and Hsi-An Kwong; Motorola

Corrosion Phenomena in Sprinkler Systems
Ockert J. Van Der Schijff; Altran

Successful Substitution to a Non-Hazardous Fluoride Wastewater Treatment Chemistry
Elizabeth Betancourt; Motorola

Innovation in VOC Concentrator Technology
Joe Mattrey; M&W Zander



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