Fall 2023 Albany Mini-Conference

November 2-3, 2023

Hilton Albany • Albany, New York

Join us in Albany for 2 days of educational content that only SESHA can provide!
This meeting will include concurrent sessions on topics such as PFAS, Risk Management, and Safety.

Detailed schedule can be seen below!

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Day 1

Session 2A
State of PFAS – 3.5 hours content
Dave Speed – GlobalFoundries

Session 2B
IH and Safety Assessments – 3.5 hours content
Multiple Colden Speakers

Session 3A
Advanced Safety Topics – Energetic material, product safety, etc. – 3.5 hours content
Multiple SESHA Speakers

Session 3B
Risk Management/Assessment – 3.5 hours of content
Brian Desrosiers – ERM


Day 2 – 30-50 minutes sessions

Track 1
The Value of Safety
Ashley Moll – AMF

Freeze Frame – Whats Wrong with this Picture
Multiple Colden Speakers

New Vision – Eye Sense technology
Bob Blessing – DOD Tech.

Robotics in the semiconductor industry – collaborative, autonomous mobile
Mollie Anderson – BSI

Testing the Effectiveness of Fire & Gas Detection
Andy Axtman – KFPI

NFPA 70E Overview and 2024 Update
John Van Dyke – Colden


Track 2
Science of the Subfab: Vacuum Pumps
Matt Kowalski – Edwards

Subfab Dopant Management
Justin Weinstein – GlobalFoundries

Aeris – G: Prepump Abatement for GHG Overview
Jim L’Heureux – Applied Materials

PFAS – AMAT approach
Ben Gross – Applied Materials

Abatement and CO Reduction
Adam Stover – Centrotherm

Exhaust system design strategy

Project Pre-Planning
Dave Hoffman – Riverview





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