New England and New York State Mini-Conference 2011

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Pyrophoric materials in the Semiconductor Process industries
Eugene Ngai, Chemically Speaking LLC

Overview of Emerging Regulations
Steve Trammell, ISMI & Laurie Beu, Laurie S. Beu Consulting

Applications for FTIR gas analysis in high technology industries including; greenhouse gas monitoring, stack emissions, bulk gas purity and life safety
Jim Belanger, MKS

A life cycle approach to water conservation: what your sustainability program should consider
Wayne Bates, PhD, Capaccio Engineering

Bringing Exposure Science to the Fab: Innovative Approaches to Occupational & Environmental Health Challenges for the 21st Century Nanoelectronics Workforce
Sara Brenner, MD, MPH, UAlbany College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering

High Rate Nano-manufacturing
Candace Tsai, PhD, UMass Lowell

Exposure Assessment Approaches for Engineered Nanomaterials
Michele Shepard, CIH, MS, UAlbany College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering

Analysis of Nanoparticles in Environmental Samples Using Electron Microscopy Methods
Gary Roth, MS, UAlbany College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering

Metrology applications in EHS: Analyzing the efficacy of gowns and gloves in preventing nanoparticle exposures by workers in semiconductor fabrication facilities
Bushra Alam, UAlbany College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering

Proactive investigation of potential health effects from occupational exposure to engineered nanoparticles in the semiconductor industry
Jean McMahon, MD, Occupational & Environmental Health Center of Eastern New York

Update on REACh / GHS Regulations
Dawn Graunke, Intel Corporation


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