New England Chapter Mini-Conference 2001

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Joe Richard – President New England Chapter

Key Note: Compound Semiconductors III-V technology- Its Past and its Future
Lisa Aucoin Vice President Operations – Raytheon RF Components

Alternatives to High Pressure Gas Delivery
James Dietz – ATMI

Toxic Gas Detection and Exhaust Gas Abatement Systems in a III-V Semiconductor Application
Stephen P. Griffing – ATMI

Zellweger Analytics – Approach to Toxic Gas Monitoring
Patrick G Haugh; Zellweger

Alternative Approach to Equipment Safety Installation & Signoff
George Hynes – Advanced Technology Solutions (LLC)

A Case Study on Installing and Validating a Toxic Gas Detection System in a III-V Environment
Mark Baker – Kopin Corporation

Accidents & Incidents

The Rationale for Lowering the TLV for Arsine Gas
ACGIH Representative

MOCVD Exhaust Duct Decontamination
Paul Butler – Magellan Engineering




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