SESHA 21st Annual Symposium (1999)


March 29 (Monday)

Management Systems Session
Code Compliance in the Semiconductor Industry
E. Frisch; ERM-Southwest, Inc.

Reality-Check Safety
J. P. Caller; Philips Semiconductors

Are You Ready? Disaster Preparedness for Industry
J. N. Rubin; University of Texas at Austin

Equipment Safety & Ergonomic Challenges Session
Understanding the 300-mm Equipment Evaluation Review Process
C. L. Ottesen; SEMATECH

Ergonomics Project Implementation in Wafer Fabs
P. Schwab; Texas Instruments

Implementing a Cal-OSHA Compliant Ergonomics Program
J. Hess; STMicroelectronics

Speech Recognition For Injury, Disability & Prevention
R. L. Griffith; Zephyr-TEC Corp

Management Systems Session
Environmental Aspects & Impacts – The First Step Toward ISO14001 EMS Implementation
L.Wilk; Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc.

Implementing and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Using Quality Improvement Tools
J. J. Cochran; Philips Semiconductor

Incorporating Environmentally Competitive Design Concepts into Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
M. Gothberg; Applied Materials, Inc.

IBM’s Experience with ISO 14001
G. Woodside; IBM

March 30 (Tuesday)

Occupational Safety Session
The Human Body as a Circuit Component
C. Evanston; Rust E&I Microelectronics Services

Ion Implanter Preventative Maintenance Safety
S. Roberge; Eaton Corporation

EHS Considerations For A Wafer Fab Closure
P. Patterson; Advanced Micro Devices

Effects of Fatigue on Semiconductor Workers
S. Creighton; Applied Materials

Industrial Hygiene Session
Ergonomics for Alternative Offices
J. J. Congleton; Texas A&M University

Behavior-Based Approaches to Ergonomics
M. M. Schiller; Behavioral Science Technology, Inc.

Complying With the New OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard
J. Jamali; Enviro Safetech

Semiconductor Industrial Hygiene Monitoring: New Challenges and a Few Old Favorites in the World of Hazard Identification and Exposure Evaluation
L. Wisser; Environmental and Occupational Risk Management, Inc.

Issues in Facilities & Life Safety Session
Upgrading a Toxic Gas Monitoring System: Lessons Learned
H. Matthews; National Semiconductor

An Innovative, Distributed, Hazardous Gas Monitoring Methodology
T A. Tabler; ATMI, Inc.,

Improving Fab Performance by Upgrading the Reliability of Your Critical Control and Life Safety Systems
Frederickson; Triconex Corporation

Seismic Isolation of an Operational Fab Building
K. Norton; Conexant Systems Inc.

Leading Edge Equipment Safety Session
Analysis of Employing All Sub-Atmospheric Pressure Dopants for Ion Implantation
J. J. Mayer; ATMI, Inc.

Sub-Atmospheric Pressure Bulk Silane Storage and Delivery System
W.K. Olander; ATMI, Inc.

An Overview Of Year 2000 Potential Impact On Semiconductor Equipment
C. L. Ottesen; SEMATECH

Construction and Equipment Installation Safety Programs During Start-Up of a New Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility
G. Linenfelser; Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Regulatory Initiatives Session
Regulatory Restrictions on Wastewater Discharges that Directly Affect the Semiconductor Industry
R. Desai; Rust E & I Microelectronic Services

Developing the “One Plan” for Emergency Response and Release Prevention
L. J. Gimpelson; LG Environmental Engineering

Corporate Environmental Reporting
E. Quevedo, Pillsbury, Madison and Sutro, San Francisco, CA

Semiconductor Maximum Achievable Technologies (MACT Challenges)
T. Higgs; Intel Corporation, Chandler, AZ

Process Control Initiatives Session
Emission Minimization at Optimum Cost
J.F. Mattrey; Black & Veatch LLP

Criteria for Connecting Tools to Air Pollution Control Devices
T. G. Higgs, Intel Corporation, Chandler, AZ

Latest Technology Advances in the Fight to Control PFC Emissions
W. Worth; International SEMATECH

Co2-Based Supercritical Fluids As Environmentally-Friendly Processing Solvents
J.B. Rubin; Los Alamos National Laboratory

March 31 (Wednesday)

Environmental Session
Building Corporate Environmental Improvement Programs
L. Gee; LSI Logic

Tips and Techniques for Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
D. Keanan; Enviro Safetech

What is Hazardous Waste and What do we do with it?
K. Malina; EORM

CUDL” Your Way to Proper Decontamination
A. G. Marquez; Intel Corporation

Product Safety Session
CUDL” Your Way to Proper Decontamination
R. Benson; Factory Mutual System

I.C. Fab Fire Protection
R. Benson; Factory Mutual System

Laser Safety Requirements
R. Weiner; Weiner Associates

EMC in the Semiconductor Fab
T.N. Cokenias; T.N. Cokenias Consulting

Medical & Industrial Hygiene Aspects Session
Arsenic Speciation: Exposure and Associated Biometrology in a Microelectronic Research Center
N. Proust; Thomson CSF LCR , France

Hexafluorine7 for Emergent Decontamination of Hydrofluoric Acid (Hf) Eye/Skin Splashes
H. Hall

Toxicology Consulting and Medical Translating Services
R. Jones; Texas Instruments

Facility Chemical Hazard Assessments
A. L. Barton; SEMATECH

Behavorial Safety and Media Issues Panel Discussion Session
Unique Issues of Behavior-Based Safety in the Semiconductor Industry
D. R. Groover; Behavioral Science Technology, Inc.®

From Knowing to Doing – Achieving Safety Excellence
D.H. Theune; Topf Organization

PANEL DISCUSSION – Life in a Fishbowl: Chip Industry ESH Issues and the Media
J. Weir; ZiLOG, Inc., T. Beermann; IBM MicroElectronics, J. Greenagel; AMD and L. Hurst; Motorola

International Regulatory Issues Session
Effects of Implementation of The EC Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive on the Semiconductor Industry in the European Union
K. Malina; EORM, Inc., Texas and C. Clegg; Philips Semiconductor, UK.

Market Trends and Developments in Environmental Regulation in Asia -Pacific
Sherin; EORM, Inc., California

Compliance With European Packaging Waste Requirements
K. Looye; EORM, Inc.

Real-Time, Low Concentration Monitoring of Tool Effluent Compounds Using Optical Techniques
C. Laush; Radian International

Emerging Issues Session
Copper and Other Regulatory Initiatives of the New Millennium
S. Gibson; Motorola SPS

Assessing the Environmental Impacts due to Semiconductors in Consumer Electronic Products. a Look Into the Future of Where Design for the Environment is Heading
R. Coulon; Ecobalance, Inc.

Overall Environmental Assessment of End-of-Pipe VOC Control Technologies
Britton; Intel, AZ

Student Presentations

Effectiveness of a Litmas Pou Plaslma Abatement Device at Destroying PFC’s
Eric Tonnis, University of California Berkeley

Water Conservation and its Role in the Semiconductor Industry
Renee S. Edwards

An Assessment of SMP Wastewater Reuse Potential
Stephanie Sue

Alternative Chemistries for Chamber Cleans to Reduce Perfluorocompound (PFC) Emissions
Nicole M. Pauly, Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

The Use of Supercritical Fluids in the Semiconductor Industry
Georgia Guenther, Arizona State University

ISO 14001 Certification: Mandatory or Voluntary? Lose-Lose or Win-Win?
Andrea Campbell, University of Minnesota Duluth

Cost Analysis on the Use of Chamber Cleaning Agents nitrogen Trifluoride and Chlorine Trifluoride in the Semiconductor Industry
Jodi L. Emmerich, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Occupational Health Issues Relating to Common Photoresist Strippers and Possible Alternatives for Industry
Christopher J. Nanson, University of Arizona

A Risk Based Approach for the Implementation of Design for Environment, Safety and Health In the Semiconductor Industry
Roger Kuan, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, California Polytechnic State University

Determining the Effectiveness of a Behavioral-Based Safety Program
Linsey Dillavou

A Discussion of the Radiance Process In the Semiconductor Industry
Craig R. Edwards

Water Reduction in a Tokyo Electron Wetbench after HF and SC-2 Wafer Treatment
Karla A. Romero, University of Arizona; Jeff Glick, Advanced Micro Devices; Ron Chiarello, Stanford University; Barry Dick, Advanced Micro Devices

Treating Copper from CMP Waste Using Photocatalysis
Denise Noble, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
California Polytechnic State University

An Analysis of Real-time Liquid Leak Detection Systems Applicable To the Semiconductor Industry
Scott Grider, University of Arizona

Infrared Thermography use in The Semiconductor Industry
Dan Oehlerts, University of Minnesota Duluth

Emergency Response to Terrorism in the Semiconductor Industry
Stephen L. Greco

Current Ultrapure Water (UPW) Usage Reduction Efforts In Motorola’s Advanced Products Research and Development Lab (APRDL)
Arturo Ruiz-Yeomans, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, The University of Arizona

Cost Effective Comparison of Multi-Gas Detection Systems Used In The Semiconductor Industry
David J. Kraft, University of Wisconsin-Stout

An Overview of the Decontamination Process Used for Clean Rooms
Constance E. Perkins



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