SESHA 22nd Annual Symposium (2000)


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Photoremediation of Copper from Wastewater by Two Wetland Plant Species – Beiwei Tu

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Don Lassiter

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April 26 (Wednesday)

Safety & Industrial Hygiene
Issues in Safety Management
Moderator: Suzanne Jones; Harris Semiconductor

EHS Metrics-Performance Indices for the Future
Alan J. Leibowitz; ITT Defense and Electronics, 1650 Tysons Blvd., Suite 1700 McLean VA 22102

Integrating Risk Assessment Into Management Systems
Steven R. Trammell, Ronald D. Wright

Intel’s Safety Jet Structure for Assembly/Test and Systems Manufacturing Organization
Allen R.Wilson

Intel EHSBI Program Overview Statement
Chris Scully

Moderator: David Newman; EORM

An Overview Of The Semiconductor Manufacturing Process
Roger Benson; Factory Mutual

Technical Credentials for Working In ESH
Jeffrey D. Williams; Department of Defense

Basics Of Accident Investigation For Safety Engineers
Susan Creighton and Kerrie Romanow; Applied Materials and Filitronic Semiconductor

Strategic EHS Management
Moderator – Tim Higgs; Intel

Intel Successes and Challenges During the Project XL Pilot
Len Drago; Intel Corporation

A Roadmap to ISO 14001 Certification – The Bell Laboratories Experience
David McCLeary; Bell Laboratories Division of Lucent Technologies

Limited Life Cycle Analysis: A Tool for the Environmental Decision Toolbox
R.P. Vignes, Sr. Ph.D;

April 27 (Thursday)

Safety & Industrial Hygiene
Latest Trends in Emergency Management
Moderator: Jeff Lequia; IR/Hexfet

Emergency Preparedness & Response to Terrorism in Industrial Operations
B. Sherin; EORM, Inc.

A Typology and Benefit-Analysis Model for Emergency Response Teams
Joe P. Caller; Philips Semiconductors

Incident Recovery – Some Old Lessons Re-Learned in the 1999 Taiwan Earthquake
Robert B. Barnes; Robert B. Barnes Associates, Inc.
Bruce Swales; Relectronic-Remech

An Overview of the Semiconductor Emergency Response Forum Reference Manual
Jeffrey Williams; Sr; Environmental Engineer, Department of Defense and Duane Caldwell, Seagate Technologies

Safety Through Process Tool Engineering
Moderator: Greg Linenfelser; Applied Mechanical

The Effects of Downdraft Laminar Airflow in Semiconductor Fabs on the Ventilation Design for Exhausted Enclosures
John Hatfield, John O’Hehir; Global Semiconductor Safety Services

Making An Older Wet Bench Safer
M. Striefler; J&S Technical Associates, Inc.

Practical Considerations for Designing a “Firesafe” Tool
Alastair R Brown; DRUMLOCH – Chartered Engineers
Fred Kern; IBM Burlington

Wet Bench Guidelines – Agilent Technologies Perspective
Anderson, Pat, Agilent; Technologies,
Gerami, Afsi; Agilent Technologies Inc,
Lawless, Kevin; Hewlett Packard,
Norman, Scott; Agilent Technologies,
Rubin, James; Agilent Technologies Inc.
Singh, Joe, Agilent Technologies

Boot Camp
Occupational Safety
Moderator: Andy McIntyre;EORM

Building an Integrated Product Safety Program From the Ground Up
Mollie A. Foster, CSP; Product Safety Manager, Novellus Systems Inc
James F. Wright; General Manager, Global Semiconductor Safety Services

Preparing a Emergency Response Drill Manual — Preparing, Reviewing and Execution
Eddy Liu; Risk Manager, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company(TSMC)

Intel EHS Training Abstract Overview
J. Pendley; Intel Corporation

Changing The Mindset: “It Won’t Happen To Me.
D.H. Theune; Topf Organization

Industrial Hygiene
Moderator: Pat Patterson; Advanced Micro Devices

Navigating The Code In A High-Tech Environment – Tools To Enhance Code Compliance
Elizabeth M. Frisch

The Critical Move Toward Safer Loading Docks
Kimberly M. Smieja; Corporate Logistics Safety Engineer, Corporate Logistics, Intel Corporation

Implementing Equipment-Specific Lockout/Tagout Procedures In The Semiconductor Industry
M. Owsley, ASP; STMicroelectronics
M.H. Seeland, CSP, P.E.; Seeland Health & Safety

Eye And Skin Splashes
L. Mathieu, J. Nehles, J. Blomet, A.H. Hall; Laboratoire PREVOR, Valmondois, France; Manesmann, Remscheid, Germany, and Toxicology and Medical Translating Services

Resource Conservation and Climate Change I
Moderator – Phyllis Pei; International SEMATECH

Electrodeionization For Ultrapure Water Recycling
Russ Parker, PhD; Hewlett Packard Company

Reducing Ultrapure Water Use in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Ronald P. Chiarello; Stanford University; Dept. of Electrical Engineering

TI’s Ultrapure Water Recycling Strategy
John DeGenova; Texas Instruments

Reduction of Recirculation Fan energy by Minimizing HEPA Discharge Velocity
T. Huang; International SEMATECH
Michael Jue; Conexant Systems
Anto Filipovic and Richard Wang; Meissner+Wurst GmbH
Douglas W. Cooper; Consultant.

Resource Conservation and Climate Change
Moderator – Sarah Gibson; Motorola

Cleanroom Energy Efficient Design
Phil Naughton; et al.; Motorola

Evaluation of PFC’s abating efficiency in Taiwan Semiconductor Industry
W.L.Lee, Y.A.Jihn, R.T.Wu; United Silicon Incorporated

Walter F. Worth; International SEMATECH

Panel Discussion – Equipment Suppliers’ Strategic Initiatives in Resource Reduction

April 28 (Friday)

Safety & Industrial Hygiene
Focus on Toxic Gas Monitoring
Moderator: Laslo Varadi; Bell Laboratories – Division of Lucent Technologies

Developing a Totally Integrated Ethernet-Based Hazardous Gas Detection System
Alicia Mitchell; Stephen R. Ferree; Cree Research, Inc.

Evaluation of Gas Monitoring Technologies for Detection of Boron Trifluoride Leak In A Semiconductor Fab Environment
Joseph B. Barsky; C.I.H., C.S.P., LSI Logic Corporation
Harish K. Goyal, P.E; HPM Systems

Maximizing Efficiency of Toxic Gas Management in an Ion Implanter Manufacturing Environment through the use of Configurable Ventilation and Detection Systems
Steven Roberge, SEO EHS Manager, Eaton Corporation, Semiconductor Equipment Operations

Successful Method for Detection of Arsine at the New Proposed TLV Of 2 parts per Billion
Jingian Zhang, K.C. Williams and Zellweger Analytics

Putting the “Health” into Health & Safety
Moderator – Amanda Barton; SEMATECH

The Employees Medical Challenge in the New Millennium – Psychogenic Illnesses
Dr. Myron S. Weinberg; Chairman, The Weinberg Group Inc.

Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO): A Superior Solvent Underutilized Because Of A Safety Myth
R.P. Vignes, SR. Ph.D. Vignes Consulting, Representing Gaylord Chemical Corporation

Design For Environmental, Health and Safety
Mark R. Harralson, Leonard J. Craig; Intel Corporation

An Employee Thermal Comfort Model For Semiconductor Manufacturing
Robbie L. Walls; Intel Corporation

Boot Camp
Moderator: Andy Giles; GS3

Monitoring Arsine In The Semiconductor Industry
Margaret E. O’Brien; Texas Instruments

Getting the Most From Your Hazardous Gas Monitoring System
Jay Rodstein; Honeywell Technology Center

Risk Assessment for Chemical Exposures at a Semiconductor Manufacturing Facilities
Hung-Ming (Sue) Sung; Trinity Consultants

Selection Criteria For Controlling Semiconductor Process Emissions
J.A.Kotonias, J.M.Sherer; Motorola

Fire Safety
Moderator:Tim Nicholson; AMAT

Fire Risk Assessment and Mitigation for Semiconductor Process Equipment
Eric Sklar; Applied Materials

I.C. Fab Fire Protection
Roger Benson; Factory Mutual

Wafer Carriers and Fire Safety
M.R. Mannex, PE, FM Global, M.R. Mannex, PE; FM Global

Gas/Chemical Systems
Roger Benson; Factory Mutual Systems.

Process and Emissions Management
Moderator – Marty Gothberg; Applied Materials

ESH Concerns and Solutions to the Copper Process at TSMC
Eddy Liu; Risk Manager, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company(TSMC)

Using a Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) To Evaluate a new Copper Waste Treatment System
Shree Dharasker, Joan Ning; Applied Materials

Overall Air Emissions Control Strategy
Tim Higgs; Intel Corp.

Achieving Minor Source Status: A Pollution Prevention Success Story
Audrey J. Holes and Tim G. Higgs

International Issues
Moderator – David Cox; EORM

International Roadmap
James Jewett; Intel Corporation

Extended Producer Responsibility a Global Perspective
Andrew Sweatman; EORM

Process-Related International Regulatory Developments Affecting the Semiconductor Industry
Edward Quevedo; Pillsbury Madison & Sutro LLP

Taiwan’s 921 Quake: Lesson’s Learned, an Investigation of the Performance of the Industry Sponsored by SEMI
Brian Sherin; EORM and Stacy Bartoletti; Degenkolb Engineers



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