SESHA 31st Annual Symposium (2009)

SESHA will hold its 31st Annual International High Technology ESH Symposium and Exhibition at the Hilton Scottsdale in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ, May 18-22, 2009. The Hilton is located in the heart of Scottsdale, with easy access to several championship golf courses and surrounded by worldclass shopping, dining, museums and recreational activities.


May 18 (Monday)

LEED Workshop
LEED for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Technical Workshop
Instructors: Bernie Frist, ARCADIS / Mark Wilhelm, Green Ideas Environmental Building Consultants

May 19 (Tuesday)

Professional Development Courses (PDC)
PDC #1
Boot Camp (Full Day)
Instructors: S. Creighton et al.

PDC #2
Silane & Chlorosilane Safety (Full Day)
Instructors: E. Ngai, J.-R. Chen, S. Creighton

PDC #3
Sustainability (Full Day)
Instructors: A. Zude, S. Baliga

PDC #4
POU Abatement (Half Day)
Instructor: M. Sherer

May 21 (Thursday)

Keynote 3
Photovoltaics and Semiconductors – Parallel paths to Sustainability

ESH in PV/Solar
Leveraging EHS Knowledge to Solve Complex PV Challenges
D.Goss, T.Nicholson

Managing the hazards and environmental challenges of Epi deposition processes in Solar and Semiconductor manufacturing
M.Johnsgard, K.Johnsgard

SEMI’s PV EHS Initiative – Engaging EHS and Facilities Professionals

Overview of Hazards in a Renewable Energy Research Facility
D.Manno, B.Nelson

Environmental Practices
How To Survive A Corporate Environmental, Safety, Health,and Fire Protection Audit

Implement a Beneficial Reuse Program to Lower Your Generator Status

GHG Roundtable
GHG Roundtable – B. Davis (Moderator), L. Beu, S. Trammell, SEMI, SIA

REACh Roundtable
REACH Roundtable – Perspectives across the supply chain
D.Speranza, C.Nowak, L.Beu, M.Majors, S.Roberge, S.Baliga

Chemical Regs/Management
Toxic Gas Monitoring System Best Practices – Thinking Beyond Simple Compliance
J.Belanger, J.Cox

Newly Identified Hazards Associated with Silicon Wafer Thinning Operations

Out with the Old, in with the New: OSHA and EPA under the Obama Administration
T.Rallison, A.Fava

Avoiding a trainwreck between chemical policy and technology requirements
J.Jewett, J.Harland, S.Harper

ESH Data Management/PV
Applying What We Learned from Semiconductor to the PV Industry

Managing Hazards in a Photovoltiac Research Facility
B.Nelson, D.Manno

Supplier Management IT solutions for ESH

Sustainability Standards and Metrics
T.Redick, L.Crane, M.Fessler

Moving Toward Sustainability in Advanced Technology Facilities

Prevention through Design (PtD)

Nanomaterials ESH
Semiconductor Nanomaterials: Toxicology, Exposure Assessment, Controls & Control Banding
L.Kincaid*, T.Rohm



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