SESHA 33rd Annual Symposium/SIA IHTESH Joint Meeting (2011)

The SESHA Annual Symposium & Exhibition provides an opportunity for continuous professional growth through presentations and discussions with world class EH&S professionals. The symposium is a forum for openly discussing EH&S issues challenging today’s high tech professionals.

The SIA IHTESH Conference is a well-established annual event that is the premier global ESH conference for the high technology industries. It offers a public arena for the exchange of of up-to-date experience among the semiconductor, PV, LED and TFT-LCD industries, suppliers and research institutes for adoption of recent technology developments. This Joint Annual Symposium will be the industry event to attend!

IHTESH (International High Technology Environment, Safety and Health) Conference, which was named as ISESH (International Semi- conductor Environment, Safety and Health) before. This conference is a global forum that stimulates an open exchange of cutting-edge and innovative ideas in ESH technology practices.

SESHA is a truly unique organization dedicated to the prevention of workplace injuries and accidents through the sharing of safety and health information and the promotion of technological advances in high technology, safety and health.

The joint meeting will take place at the Hilton Scottsdale, May 16-20 in Scottsdale, AZ The Conference and Professional Development Courses offer Certification Maintenance Points for both ABIH & BCSP

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May 16 (Monday)

PDC #1:
Fundamentals and EHS Challenges of Semiconductor Manufacturing
(S. Creighton) – Full Day –

Continues from morning

PCD #2:
Vacuum and cryogen safety concerns.
(R. Shrouf) – Half day morning –

PCD #3:
Silane Safety
(E. Ngai) – Half day afternoon –

PDC #4:
Ethics and ESH

May 18 (Wednesday)

Keynote Presentation:
Ic Insights
Trevor Yancey

Safety and Health Committee

A Study On Odor Reduction for Semiconductor Industry
N.Park, S.Kim, C.Shin

The Business Case for Integrating ESG
G.Niekerk, S. Fallender, E.Zeller

Implementation Strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at ON Semiconductor
K.Evans, T.McCarley, P.Amorin

PV / Solar Manufacturing EHS
SF6 Massive-Scale Decomposition Technology and Clean Development Mechanism Project in TFT-LCD Industry, South Korea.

PV Industry – Overview of EHS Considerations
W.Cyrs, K.Krause, A.McIntyre

How to improve the LED ESH issues and GHG emission reduction in Taiwan
J.Cheng, J.LU, Y.Peng

Sustainable Energy Solutions Through Product Life Cycle Management

GHG Reporting for the Electronics Industry – Determination of Reporting Applicability
D.Cotter, PE

Abatement Strategies
Point -of -Use ammonium compounds removal – keeping exhaust emission clear

The cooperation to reduce SF6 emission between the electricity and Magnesium industries

Lessons Learned From Measuring Destruction or Removal Efficiencies (DRE) of Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Across Point-of-Use Abatement Devices
B.Benaway*, S.Hall

DRE Measurement of POU Scrubber through Applying the Dilution Factor of PFCs
C.Oh, S.Ko, Y.Jeong

Comparison Study of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) and Quadrupole Mass Spectroscopy (QMS) for Point-of-Use (POU) Abatement System Effluent Flow Determination
S.Hall*, B.Benaway

Emerging Codes
Air Permitting Wafer Fabs

Complying with 1-Hour NO2 NAAQS

Implementing ISO 13849-1; An Equipment Manufacture\\\’s Perspective

Fire Safety Compliance – Why Are My Fire Safety Systems Not SEMI S2 Compliant?

Around the world chemical tour
D.Graunke, M.Majors

Waste Minimization
Recovering Semiconductor Manufacturing Materials
R.Parker, B.Atkinson, J.Bradshaw

Improving the End-of-Life for Electronic Materials via Sustainable Recycling
M.Korzenski, P.Jiang

Creating the Green Fab standard labeling for Taiwan Semiconductor Industries
J.LU, J.Cheng, F.Shu

Research of reduction carbon dioxide emission by applying microalgae biotech in semiconductor factory

Environmentally-Benign In-Line Cleaning Solutions for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing
T.Chen, T.Hogan, M.Korzenski

Disaster Preparedness Roundtable
Losses in the Semiconductor Industry – Case Studies and Lessons Learned

May 19 (Thursday)

Keynote Presentation
Towards harmonization of measuring and reporting product sustainability
Dr. Kevin Dooley – ASU

Leveraging existing SEMI guidelines to drive leading-edge supplier environmental, health, safety and sustainability programs
A.McIntyre, D.Firu

Building Information Modeling: A Process to Mitigate Risk, Improve Project Delivery, and integrate Sustainability into Semiconductor Facilities

Risk Management
Safety of personnel working near track for \\\”Overhead transportion vehicle\\\”

Integrated e-ESH System

Safety Analytics: The Future of Workforce Safety and Health
T.Hohn, D.Duden

Surface Contamination of Dummy Wafer and its Health Effect in Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry

Prevention Maintenance Protection and Hazards Exposure Control of Thermal Type Local Scrubber MAT

Mitigation of Hazards Associated with Disilane in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Electronic Industry Code of Conduct

Energy Conservation
Practical Application of SEMI S23

Energy savings by air coil efficiency improvement
S.Deschenes, R.Bernard, L.Galbreath

Save Energy and Reduction of Greenhouse Gas by Energy Recovery System
J.Park, M.Lee, Y.Jeong

PCS PIRANHA plasma abatement system: Update of evaluation on 300mm Etch process
E.Kopatzki, J.Guerin

Guideline for GHG Emission Measurement and Management

Global warming evaluation of Chamber cleaning gases by new indicators, CEWN and CETN
A.Sekiya, S.Okamoto

Closing Ceremony SESHA/IHTESH


May 20 (Friday)

PDC #5:
Fundamentals and EHS Challenges of PV Manufacturing
(A. McIntyre) – Full Day –

Continues from morning

PCD #6:
Exhaust Gas Management and Environmental CharacterizationVacuum and cryogen safety concerns.
(M. Sherer) – Full Day –

Continues from morning



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