SESHA 40th Annual Symposium (2018)

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The SESHA/SIA International High Technology ESH Symposium and Exhibition will be returning to Scottsdale, Arizona. SESHA 2018 will be held at the recently renovated Embassy Suites by Hilton Scottsdale Resort, located only 11 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, April 16-20, 2018.

2018 Final Program

Student Scholarship Program


April 17 (Tuesday)

Opening Ceremony
Raymond Mcdaid

Keynote Presentation
The Business Value of Integrating Health and Safety
Dr. Ronald Loeppke

Nanotechnology: Global Chemical Regulatory Challenges and Compliance Strategies
Stacie Abraham

Process Safety
Fireball 101 (Fire Detection Challenges for Semiconductor Equipment)
Matt Wyman

Safety & Industrial Hygiene
Electrical Safety Overview
Aaron* Zude, Ron Scholtz

What does Laser Accident Prep Mean?
Ken Barat

Don’t be a Dart Throwing Monkey – Current Approaches to Industrial Hygiene Exposure Assessment
James Kapin

TSCA Roundtable
Roundtable – Amended TSCA and the Unanticipated Impacts to the Semiconductor Industry
Laurie Beu, Brooke Tvermoes, Virginia Cook, Bob Leet, Michael Castorano, Greg Sower, Marisa Kreider

Gas Delivery, Detection, Abatement
Design and Safety Considerations for Gas Delivery Systems
Joe Guerin

Gas Detection Technologies
Capitola Lau, Rick Gorny, Mike Holmes

Area Gas Detection Placement Optimization using Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling
Daniel Hall, Steven Trammell

The Impact of NFPA 400 “Hazards Materials Code” and Your Facility
Robert James

ow on Earth Do I Protect This?
Jake Epstein, Tomecek Dave, Jeremy Lebowitz

Nano Roundtable
Nanomaterial Lifecycle Considerations for use in Advanced Electronics
Craig Rowlands

Mechanisms for the unintentional formation of CF4 during Semiconductor Manufacturing
Professor Michael Czerniak

Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Regulatory Update
Tim Higgs

FCs Emission Factor and Next Steps Reduction emission for Taiwan’s Industry
Joey Lu, Daphne Cheng , Chun Yu Chen

April 18 (Wednesday)

Keynote Presentation
Heretics Guide to Hacking EH&S
Josh Franklin

TMAH Toxicity and Controls Update
Ernest Timlin, Brooke Tvermoes, Thomas Diamond

TMAH and its Alternatives: Where Do We Go From Here?
Kevin McLaughlin, Hidde van Assendelft, Jerry Windisch

Semiconductor MACT Review and Update
Tim Higgs

Perspectives on Point of Use Abatement Measurements
Alex Bellon, Steve Hall, Bryan Benaway

Supply Chain
Establishing Robust Capabilities to go Beyond RBA (formerly EICC) Audits
Sayed Naimi

Intel’s Continued Journey on Supply Chain Green Chemistry Implementation for Safer Chemical Choices
Fumie Weiby, Rebecca Jensen

Metal Organics
Metal Organic Liquids in R&D: sharing the learning curve
Alain Pardon

Fireball 102 (Metal Organic (MO) Fire Suppression Challenges)
Daniel Mitchell

ESH Consideration for Using Pyrophoric or Water-reactive Materials in Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility
YuMin Wang

EHS Performance Metrics
Regulatory Adoption of Normalized Performance Metrics, and Response from the Semiconductor Industry
Kevin Wolfe, Brian Raley, Tim Yeakley

Risk Management/BMP
Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) – It’s a Journey, Not a Destination
Jeff Frazier, Steven Hawkins

ASM’s Implementation of New Product Safety Engineering Program
Tara Smithers

Flammable Exhaust Management – Methods for Analysis and Control
Leslie Swann

Alternative First Aid Procedure for Eye Contamination by HF
Georgia Latham

Next Generation Monitoring and Reporting: Drone & Automated Sampling Technology
Judith Aasland

Drones and Industrial Applications: a Safer Alternative
Lauren Blazeck

Gas Delivery, Detection, Abatement
Applying FTIR multigas measurement technology to solving plant air quality issues
Jim Cornish

Advanced Waste Gas Abatement Concept for Epitaxy Processes
Angela Bayler

Metal-Organic Framework Materials: A New Generation of Nano-Adsorbents for advanced Electronic Materials Delivery and Abatement
Jose* Arno, Mitch Weston, Glenn Tom

Waste Treatment/Disposal
Catalase for Remediation of Hydrogen Peroxide in Semiconductor Wastewater
Peter Birschbach

Polysilazane Waste Handling: Navigating Safety and Environmental Considerations
Deena Starkel, P.E., Bob Gross



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