Twin Cities Chapter Mini-Conference 2003

Event Details

Join Twin Cities SESHA/SEMI STEP (Standards Technical Education Program) as we explore real and executable solutions to your current Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) fab problems. Plus—learn how SEMI® International Standards documents can be part of these solutions.

Topics for Discussion

  • Ventilation: Saving laminar airflow dollars and fixing wet benches
  • Electrical safety: Arc flash and listing requirements
  • Tool and facility decommissioning issues
  • Risk assessments: common sense applications to the fab environment
  • Content, philosophy and status of the new SEMI documents currently addressing these issues
  • How to participate in the development of the SEMI Safety documents and make them a useful tool for the industry

This STEP provides:

  • An understanding of some complex contemporary fab EHS issues
  • Some solutions for you to adapt to your own situation
  • Examples of how you can participate with your peer professionals in creating solutions to these and other industry issues through the SEMI Standards programs

Time is provided for other queries and to address emerging trends in semiconductor manufacturing equipment EHS compliance.

This STEP is useful for those professionals responsible for:

  • Designing and maintaining exhaust and ventilation systems
  • Safely maintaining electrical equipment
  • Installing, accepting and decommissioning fab tools
  • Assessing risks associated with fab equipment
  • Designing and evaluating equipment

Why you should attend

Attending a STEP will give you the opportunity to learn more about the application of a critical new standard which impacts your manufacturing site or affects your supplier-customer relationships. These programs will teach you how to implement new technical information into your everyday fab operations, which may help you and your company to improve your product and processes considerably



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