Student Paper: Multicultural Health, Safety and Environmental Management

Student Paper: Multicultural Health, Safety and Environmental Management
Xianhong Xu; University of Minnesota, Duluth

This study identifies common barriers in the multicultural health, safety and environmental (HSE) management. Overcoming these barriers is a big challenge to HSE professionals. The study focuses on solutions for conducting multicultural HSE management effectively and economically; and it identifies good practices and lessons learned. A “how to do it yourself” approach is introduced. It is based on personal experience and successful company practices in multicultural HSE management. Four areas of effort are identified and investigated for their effectiveness. (1) Recruit the right people for the right job. (2) Make local safety representatives playing an important role in the HSE management. (3) Train the trainers and train the trainees with effective strategies. (4) Construct an excellent HSE image for company to create positive influence to HSE management. All these efforts are summarized as four programs. These four programs explain why and how to apply the strategies, and emphasize the applicability of these strategies in a routine operation of semiconductor and other industries. A literature review has been performed in confirming some of the point of views.



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