A Chemical Management System for the Semiconductor Industry

A Chemical Management System for the Semiconductor Industry 
Ray L. Kronquist, Ph.D. – President, Semco Corp. (SSA Journal Volume 8 Number 1 – March 1994 pp. 32 – 36 )

A discussion will be given of chemical management system design. The safety codes: NFPA, NED, UFC, and S2-93 will be defined, and we will show how they affect the system design and the present day industry standards. The paper will delve particularly into chemical storage, area classification, environmental concerns, and electrical/mechanical interfacing with a chemical management system. We will show how the NFPA, NEC, UFC, and the SEMI S2-93 codes were incorporated into the system design criteria in selecting all electrical components and containers used for dispensing liquid chemicals and collecting solvent waste. We will look at the key questions which should be asked to determine what the codes require of a chemical management system in a particular location.



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