Dry Cleaning to Accelerate the Achievement of SIA Roadmap Goals

Dry Cleaning to Accelerate the Achievement of SIA Roadmap Goals 
Anthony A. Gruebl, Joseph A. Dehais, and Audrey C. Engelsberg – Radiance Services Company (SSA Journal Volume 10 Number 2 – Summer 1996 pp. 39 – 44 )

Semiconductor cleaning uses a large percentage of the total chemicals and water consumed in chip fabrication. The most common method of cleaning is the RCA Standard clean. The Semiconductors Industry Association in its National Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors calls for a significant reduction in chemical and water usage and emissions. The Radiance Standard Clean is a new, completely dry method of cleaning semiconductors. It uses no water or chemicals and may enhance yield and reduce fab capital and operating costs. It can substantially reduce the need for disposal of used cleaning chemicals and contaminate4d rinse water. Demonstration of the Radiance Standard indicates that SIA goals for defect densities of surface particulates down to at least 0.1 micron are possible. Substantial reductions in organic and ion contamination are also indicated. The Radiance Standard Clean has the potential to assist the industry in meeting many of its environmental, safety, and health and contamination-free manufacturing goals as established in its Roadmap and may be an enabling technology for future semiconductors.



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