Inspecting, Challenging and Calibrating Toxic Gas Monitors

Inspecting, Challenging and Calibrating Toxic Gas Monitors 
William A. Biolsi – AT&T Laboratories (SSA Journal Volume 6 Number 2 – June 1992 pp. 32 – 36 )

An integral part of semiconductor device manufacturing involves the use of toxic and/or pyrophoric gases. In particular, the hydrides of the Group III and Group V elements, boron, arsenic and phosphorus, are widely used as dopants in fabrication silicon devices like computer and memory chips. These compounds are also used in large amounts during the manufacture of diodes used in consumer electronics and indium phosphide based devices used in optical fiber communication systems. In view of the high toxicity of these compounds, great care is exercised in monitoring the manufacturing environment for the presence of these compounds so that worker safety is maintained. This paper discusses the efforts at AT&T Bell Laboratories in the area of calibrating and troubleshooting the operation of the monitors presently in use in our facilities.



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