Semiconductor Manufacturing Chemicals: The Next Decade

Semiconductor Manufacturing Chemicals: The Next Decade 
Charles L. Fraust – AT&T Microelectronics (SSA Journal Volume 5 Number 1 – March 1991 pp. 43 – 47 )

This presentation will focus on the nature and manner in which the semiconductor industry has used a wide variety of uniquely hazardous chemicals in the past, the current status of chemical usage, and the writer’s views on where the industry will be going with regard to chemical usage in this decade. Key areas to be included in the discussion will be:

  1. criteria for using conventional, acutely toxic materials and extremely hazardous materials;
  2. handling and distribution of chemicals in cleanrooms;
  3. waste handling;
  4. environmental issues;
  5. monitoring ; and
  6. worker safeguards.



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